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Welcome to the MidiKey2Key forum!

Posted: 14 Aug 2020, 14:35
by Der Abt
It seems to be a bit quiet here - it's because the board is brandnew!

This board is made to enhance the support-experience fpr MidiKey2Key. Special issues are hard to keep an eye on in Discord.
Those topics diappear in the timeline...

So please post Your issues here, give them a short description of the problem in the title (not only 'MidiKey2Key') and post is in the support-forum.
You can activate 'Notify me when a reply is posted' - then You will get an email when somebody is responding to Your post.

Good luck!

Re: Welcome to the MidiKey2Key forum!

Posted: 26 Apr 2021, 08:47
by andreumateu
I do no know how to post a new thread on this forum. I looked all over after registering and can not find it. Only answering to a previous thread. That is why I coment here.

My question es,. MIdikey2 key is only for Pc or also for Mac.

I am a MAc user.. is there any similar to that for Mac?


Re: Welcome to the MidiKey2Key forum!

Posted: 08 May 2021, 15:47
by Der Abt
No. It is windows only so far.